Environmental protection

Fair and responsible

Skin diseases and skin changes are more closely connected than ever before. The human skin protects the organism from external influences, forms the boundary and at the same time the connection to our environment. The exchange between skin and environment is continuous and bilateral.

Therefore we at Dermapharm see it as our duty to treat not only the skin but also the environment with the greatest possible care and responsibility.

As a company, we make our contribution to this by producing all pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in an environmentally friendly manner using state-of-the-art technology. This also includes the preferential use of environmentally friendly materials.

At Dermapharm, environmental protection is understood as part of our self-image and in favour of a sensible approach to nature and its resources. We will continue to expand this practice in the future, for the sake of the skin and our environment.

The Dermapharm Group always uses FSC-certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) for its folding medicine cartons, package inserts, letterheads and other printed products.

What the organic seal for agriculture is, the FSC seal for the forest! Wood and paper products with this seal come from certified forests that are managed in an ecologically and socially compatible manner.

FSC prevents overexploitation, protects rare species and prevents human rights violations - regardless of whether the wood comes from tropical or domestic forests.

FSC Mix Label
The Mix label stands for products that contain a material combination of FSC-certified forests, FSC Controlled Wood or FSC recycling material.

FSC recycling
The recycling label stands for products that contain only recycled material.